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Concierge Medicine

MMA is experienced in transitioning traditional practices into concierge-style or retainer-based models. We can assist in developing an independent concierge practice or evaluate and negotiate third-party management companies. We also have experience in assisting practices in terminating their third-party management relationships.

Our services are allocated among three broad categories: Planning, Start-up and On-going Management.


Planning includes evaluation of financial and regulatory issues related to the transition, definition of the concierge services and the development of a patient-practice Membership Agreement.


Start-up includes patient notification and education, updates to the physician's web presence, development of a patient database, implementation and review of operational and financial policies/protocols, assistance with credit card processing and cash management systems.

On-going Management

On-going management includes installation, training, oversight and ongoing management of our proprietary, cloud-based Retainer Management System for billing and administration of patient membership fees. Many clients also request our continued participation in periodic meetings to review trends within their concierge program.

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