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MMA's valuation services include appraisals of medical practices and related ancillary services for acquisition, as well as for intra-practice sales involving various "buy-sell" transactions among physicians. Our valuation services also include fair market valuations of equipment, leases and personal service arrangements in connection with the Medicare Safe Harbor and Stark II regulations. MMA also prepares fair market valuations for hospitals and surgery centers.

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Medical Practice Appraisal Presentation


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Table of Contents

  • Medical Practice Appraisal
  • Medical Practice Purchases
  • Practice Assessment for Valuation
  • Factors to Consider When Assessing a Practice for Valuation
  • Factors to Consider When Assessing a Practice for Valuation - Production Growth or Decline
  • Practice Valuation Approaches
  • Fair Market Value Approach
  • Investment Value Approach
  • Preferred Investment.Valuation Method
  • Discounted Cash Flow Method
  • Cash Flows
  • Case Study
  • Practice Characteristics
  • Assumptions Included in Valuation
  • Practice Financial Statements
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
  • Investment Valuation
  • Discounted Cash Flow Method
Author: Lawrence Geller


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