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What is HIPAA?

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ("HIPAA") passed by the US Congress in 1996 will have one of the most far-reaching effects on the providers and payors of healthcare services since the creation of Medicare in 1966.

The "Administrative Simplification" portion of HIPAA was created to:
  1. Reduce paper, improve security and save healthcare industry billions in administrative costs by creating a single set of electronic standards for exchanging health information between providers, payors, claims clearinghouses and other entities receiving and storing medical data on individuals.

  2. Improve the methods to secure confidential patient personal and medical information and guarantee a patient's right to access his/her medical records and control the method by which this information is disclosed; and

  3. Facilitate the detection and correction of fraud and abuse in healthcare financing.
HIPAA regulations will not only affect practice management technology, but its requirements will also affect data collection, claims operations, document storage, medical coding, patient relations.


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