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This forum is provided as a free educational service of MMA.   From time to time, we select questions of general interest and post a response from one of MMA's consultants. Below are a list of questions that MMA has selected for a response. Click on a topic to view the question and MMA response.

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Cardiology Billing for In-house Consultations
Cardiology HIPAA
Cardiology Improper Claims Edit by Managed Care
Cardiology Staffing and overhead
Cardiology/Electrophysiology Nurse Practitioner Billing and Reimbursement
Endocrinology Multiple fee schedules
Endoscopy Center Physician Proctoring Requirement
ENT Fee Schedule Negotiation
Family Practice Guidelines: Medicare Non-Participating Provider/ Medicaid Secondary
Family Practice Is it OK to charge a patient for medical records copying?
Family Practice Incident-to Billing for New Problems
Family Practice Non-Participating Provider - Medicare Claim, Medicaid Secondary
Family practice Office Manager Salary
Family Practioner Average Overhead Rate
Gastroenterology ASC Anesthesia Billing and Hire
Gastroenterology ASC Endoscopy Center Revenue Codes
Gastroenterology The National Correct Coding Manual
General Salary Survey
General Surgery Ambulatory Surgery Center Credentialing
General Surgery Billing Follow-Up Letters
General Surgery Compliance Education
General Surgery Managed Care Plan Participation
General Surgery Multiple Surgery Reduction Rule
General Surgery Physician Compensation methods
General Surgery Surgery Assistant Fee Schedule
Gynecology Billing Office-based Surgery Facility Fees
Internal Medicine Average Overhead Expense
Internal Medicine Billing 99211 for Medical Assistant
Internal Medicine Multiple Fee Schedules for Medicare & Insurance Carriers
Internal medicine New Physician Credentialing
Interventional Cardiology Purchasing Policies and Inventory Mgmt
OB/GYN Collections and overhead
OB/GYN E&M Coding
OB/GYN Fee Schedule Setup
OB/GYN Implementing a compliance plan
OB/GYN Incident-To Billing for NPP Services
OB/GYN J2000 replacement code for injection of Lidocaine
OB/GYN New Physician Impact
Orthopaedic Surgery Surgery Center
Pain Management Incident-to Billing Nurse Practitioner
Palliative Medicine Medicare Reimbursement
Pediatric Patient Financial Hardship
Pediatric Lease Rates
Psychiatry Medicare Participating Provider vs. Non-participating Provider
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery/ENT Surgery Center Certification
Psychiatry Incident-to Billing
Pulmonary - Critical Care Flu Shot Administration Codes
Radiology Billing for Paramagnetic Contrast Material
Radiology Two Fee Schedules
Surgery ASC Global Billing
Urology Selling practice upon retirement
Vascular CPT Code 76937 - Add-on for US Guidance for Vascular Access

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