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  • I am a solo practitioner starting up a primary care practice of my own and I am hoping to grow my practice by two or three physicians over the next several years. I found an excellent candidate for the manager position-college degree, extensive experience, dynamic personality, but his/her salary requirements are higher than I expected. How do I know if he/she is worth the extra expense?


    It may seem difficult to justify paying your manager a hefty salary while you are still in a solo practice; but as your practice grows, you will need someone who can evolve from a business office manager into a practice administrator. Paying your manager an extra $5,000 - $7,000 per year may ensure that you have someone willing to stick with you through the growing pains that your practice is sure to endure. A little higher salary usually attracts administrators who are more experienced and more career minded. The same rule applies for most of the employees you will hire. The last thing you want is one of your employees giving you two week’s notice to go across town for a $.45/hour raise. The peace of mind you will receive from having a capable and dedicated staff is well worth the extra expense.

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    John P. Stillerman

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